Welcome Kit

Your child's adventure begins with an old wooden treasure chest from Greg. 

It's a sensory overload - a rugged notebook, a passport that looks and feels like the real thing, stickers, the Treasure Hunter's Handbook, which helps them get started, and a mysterious wooden puzzle box.

What lies inside is the key to the adventure, and once they solve it, they'll be taken to the Adventure Site where they'll be greeted by Greg.

This is also a great time for them to send their first message to him! 

Monthly Package

As your child enjoys the new videos, games and activities uploaded 3 times per week, once the month's adventure comes to an end, they'll receive a package in the mail from Greg.

Inside they'll find a 20 page Activity Book, expanding upon what they've learned with activities covering history, social studies, math, problem-solving and the local language.

There's also a postcard to collect or send to a friend, a traditional recipe you can cook together, a themed craft, stickers, a treasure, a Crypto Flight Ticket, and a stamp to put in their passport to keep track of the countries they've explored.

And at any time during their adventure, they can email or send a letter or drawing to Greg, and he'll always respond.  They'll even receive a personal video from him on their birthday or other special occasion.

What are you waiting for?