How much does shipping cost?
Welcome Kits and Monthly Packages are shipped at no additional cost to you!

How soon after I place my order will my subscription start?
All subscriptions begin on April 25, 2018. This is when our story begins!

When will my packages arrive?
Your Welcome Kit will be shipped during the second week of April. All Monthly Packages (starting with May) will arrive during the third week of the month, to coincide with each month’s storyline.

Can I order My Amazing Pen Pal as a gift?
Yes, you’ll be able to ship the packages to an address other than your own.

Can I use a different shipping address for the Welcome Kit?
Yes, once you’ve placed your order using the address you’d like to use for your Welcome Kit, please send and email with the address you’d like to use for the remainder of the subscription to

Is My Amazing Pen Pal available outside the USA?
No, currently My Amazing Pen Pal is only available in the USA.

Can I apply more than one coupon code to my order?
Only one coupon may be used per order.

How do I access the Adventure Site?
The URL for the site is on the scroll inside the puzzle box. Once the coded message is solved, you’ll be able to get online.

What is your privacy policy?
To make your child’s experience as personalized as possible, we will request a few details for Greg to incorporate into their birthday video, such as siblings and hobbies.
This information is kept in a secure database, and can only be accessed by Greg himself. We will never share your child’s details (or yours) with any third-parties.
Usage of the Adventure Website doesn’t require any identifying information and is a safe, closed environment.