Welcome Kit

Once you’ve joined the adventure, we’ll send your child a Welcome Kit. It’s a sensory overload – an old wooden chest, a rugged journal, a mysterious puzzle box, colorful stickers, a treasure hunter’s handbook, as well as a passport that looks and feels like the real thing. Once they solve all the puzzles inside, they’ll be led to the Adventure Site.

Adventure Site

After logging into the Adventure Site, they’ll be greeted by Greg and he’ll set the stage for their adventure. The site is full of videos, games, blog posts, activities and photo galleries, with new content uploaded three times a week. Now would be the perfect time to send Greg an email and introduce themselves!

Monthly Package

As the story progresses throughout the month, your child will learn about the culture, food, animals, traditions, history and language of the country Greg is in. And at the end of the month, once they’ve helped him find his treasure, they’ll receive a package from him in the mail.
Inside they’ll find a 20 page activity book packed with games, fun facts, photos and more! They’ll also get a postcard, recipe, craft, stickers, crypto flight ticket, passport stamp and a treasure of their very own.


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