Exploring 41 countries has given me lots of tales to tell. And I’ve found that nothing sparks a child’s imagination quite the same way as stories about far off lands. Though these strange foods, sights and adventures seem so foreign and outlandish, they are in fact found right here in this great big world of ours.

Stepping out and exploring new locations has always filled me with excitement. Unfamiliar surroundings, finding interesting places to go, and making new friends filled me with happiness.

This passion led me to leave Canada 13 years ago to explore the world.

Inspired by my childhood joys of Owl and Highlights magazines, as well as Indiana Jones and The Goonies –  we’ve created an extraordinary experience that blends fantasy and fact with a healthy dose of playful learning snuck inside.

And now I’m inviting you and your child to share the adventure with me.

My promise to you is in exchange for your trust, I’m going to be a positive role model that provides a safe, entertaining and educational experience that will broaden your child’s horizons and allow them to be part of something really special.

Join me. I look forward to hearing from you.

– Greg